Fresh Produce Management Company

Horizon Marketing was established in 1989 and has evolved throughout the years to be your fresh produce management company. Horizon focuses on four main commodities – Citrus, Grapes, Stone Fruit and Berries. Focusing on four main commodities creates a better managing process where you, the client, is front and center to our services.

Quality Management

Horizon’s organization has close relationship with our suppliers allowing us more time and resources to educate our partners on our Quality Management Concept by doing this we can make sure our suppliers are developing the crops the market is asking for.

Best Practices & Traceability

Horizon has always required our suppliers to comply with best practices and we have implemented a robust track and trace system. This process puts out a better quality of products and allows our team to know exactly where every commodity comes from at all times.
Programs: Because we have implemented all the projects above; Horizon is able to offer our clients long term programs that improve our results on price, delivery and safety of our products.

We hope to have the opportunity to service your accounts so you can experience Horizon’s Quality Fresh Fruit Management in action which is to make sure you get the fruit you ordered with the quality you expected for the price you desired.